Download SEND6 Wizard

Our free Send6 Wizard allows you to send files directly from your desktop.

  Send6 Wizard Features:

Features include everything  you get through Send6 on the Web plus:

Faster Upload (4x Faster)
by using multi-threaded file transfer technology .
Files are compressed before sending to save time and bandwidth.
Auto Resume Support for broken file transmissions.
Single file upload upto 4GB in size - The first file upload application to support files over 2GB in size-no other application does this.
Send directly from the Desktop.

Select the version you want

Installer Version
for Vista, Windows XP, 2000 and 98
This application enables you to install Send6 Wizard using an interactive setup routine. Download Installer(1.3MB)

  Outlook Plugin
Zip Version
for Vista, Windows XP, 2000 and 98
(Use this version if you don't have permission to install on your computer)
This archive contains only the files you need to run Send6 Wizard and needs to be unzipped. Download Zip (1.5MB)